Miss this place…

I just realized it’s been over 3 years since my last blog post here.  Honestly I was surprised the site still existed or that I remembered my login info.  I’m glad I use the same info, despite the security experts advice 🙂

Why do I miss this place I wonder?  

Partly because I feel like it was mine.  My small and hard to find corner of the internet.  Created and curated by me and for me, about my life and interest.

Partly because it was private.  Yes as odd as that may sound on the public internet.  I can say what I think and feel without many people in the world caring to look at it.  

It was social for someone not wanting to be that social.  

It was just saying something for myself.  To get it out of my mind and off of my chest.

Not sure if I’ll be back or visit often.  But I do miss this place. 


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  1. Jesse Wilson on

    Good to hear from you, and well said.

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